BSTY Pressure CookerBSTY Pressure Cooker


How long does rice cooker sauté take to stew beef?

Do you have the taste of the pot cooking rice?

Does this programmable electric pressure use electricity?

Will there be enough pressure to cook unfamiliar foods?

Will two people using the rice cooker slow be too much?

After the porridge countdown is over can be opened immediately?

When you don't need it do you need to take it apart? The lid gets suck to the liner every time the lid is opened.

Can multi use programmable reheat the rice? Do you need to add water to reheat the cold rice?

When cooking will pressure cooker 6 show a specific amount of time and then start counting down?

Have you used this stainless steel rice cooker to stew beef? Can you stew it?

How many minutes does the slow rice cooker take to cook rice?

Why does the water flow out when I cook porridge with your slow pressure cooker?

Will there be any water leakage in the upper cover detection switch and will the water tank be empty? Is this normal?

Does slow cooker steamer pot have a function for disinfection?

What is the minimum temperature for warmth? Can electric rice cooker maintain a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees Celsius?

If I only want to make two bowls of rice, can I use a 6qt. Is pressure rice cooker too big?

Can this pressure rice cooker be used for cooking?

How big of a cake can a 6QT of rice maker cooker pot make?

Can this hot pot cooker cook a variety of pasta?

What is programmable? How to set?

Will there be an after taste in the rice cooker warmer after cooking?

Where is the poultry button? I know there is a meat button but in other models there is a meat button and a separate poultry button.

I did not see the risotto setting. Can this rice cooker pot cook risotto?

Will this pot automatically turn off after cooking?

Can you cook cereal in brown rice mode?

Is the top cover of multi cooker pot easy to clean? Are there any small parts on the lid, such as rubber bands that need to be removed when cleaning the lid?

Does the "cake" function make the cake thick or like a regular cake?

Vegetables are overcooked even if they are quickly vented for 1 minute at low pressure. What settings should I use?

Can I use the frying function and then switch to pressure cooking immediately or must I cancel it first?

Can I use slow cooker small to fry?

Is there a manual button for setting time and/or pressure?

Do I need to buy extra accessories to make yogurt?

Do I need to buy other accessories to cook eggs?

Can you make cheesecake with this slow cooker with timer? Do you have a recipe?

If I am using a recipe and need to cook it, such as 32 minutes, can I set the time manually?

Is the steam basket matched or bought separately?

Can I open and add meat in between cooking times?

How do I steam eggs with this small slow cooker?

Can I open the lid if there is still pressure in the pot? Is there still a security mechanism to

Can this air fryer and pressure cooker be used to make jam?

Can you make french fries, chicken, burritos, etc with this electric pressure cooker small?

Will there be a buzz throughout the cooking process?

Does this pot have a matching glass covers?

Is this xl pressure cooker easy to operate for a person who never cooked?

Is it simple to make yogurt with this 10 quart pressure cooker?

Can the meat be cooked directly without thawing?

I have never used it myself, but I want to use it as a gift. Is there a recommended accessory?

Can this canning pressure cooker be connected to Bluetooth operation?

Does it have a baking function? Or is it possible to bake in some way?

Can a 8qt pressure cooker air fryer combo steam a whole chicken?

Where is the steam function? How to steam vegetables with the steel pressure cooker?

How is the all american pressure cooker function used? I have a different brand and it's not very hot when cooking slowly.

Can I set the ambiano pressure cooker to "Low Pressure" when it is in the "Egg" setting?

Can I cook frozen chicken or beef in the high pressure cooker?

How long does it take for the large pressure cooker to cool before it can be opened? Does it have a pressure relief valve?

Does it include a glass cover? If not, where can I buy it?

What is the working principle of the pressure cooker indian, what is the difference with the brown rice cooker? Which is better to use?

Is the rice made by the pressure cooker canner delicious?

Can I purchase an additional seal? I saw a comment saying that it is necessary, if you are making spicy dishes because there will be a taste left on the seal.

How do I use the steam function? I didn't see a steaming rack available.

Can this quick pot pressure cooker be used to make cans?

How does the power consumption of this indian pressure cooker compare with the energy consumption of the slow cooker?

Is there a way to keep the food cool and fresh at regular intervals?

Can I reheat my dishes in the power pressure cooker?

Can the pressure of this small pressure cooker be automatically released or manually released?

Can the lid be removed and cleaned?

What does self-sealing mean?

Can this pressure cooker stainless steel roast fish?

We are arguing about buying the 6 qt slow cooker rice cooker steamer or 8qt, is there any suggestions?

Is there a way to keep the rice from sticking on the pot?

How to release steam?

Can you make a deep fryer?

What is the steam function? Will it be accompanied by a steamer?

How long does it take to make yogurt with the pressure cooker slow cooker rice?

How much meat can a electric pressure cooker 6 cook?

How to make delicious rice? Is there a mark for the water-to-rice ratio in the pot?

Do you need other accessories to make a cake with this rice cooker slow cooker?

Can I operate regularly?

What is the inner cylinder size of 6QT and 8QT?

Can I use your cooker rice cooker steamer to make fried chicken?

Can accessories of the cooker slow cooker rice be purchased separately?

In the mode to cook rice can I manually increase the time with brown rice?

Can I return through Amazon?

Can this cooker steamer sauté be used to roast chicken?

Can this cooker sauté steamer be used to cook pasta?

In which country was thisprogrammable multi cooker produced?

Can this hot pot pressure cooker be used to steam lobster and crab legs?

Has anyone used the programmable rice cooker function? Is it useful?

Is this multi use programmable pressure cooker made of stainless steel?

What is the power consumption?

How many volts does this?

Can the electric cooker roast chicken?

Can you use a cooker warmer to set and cook by itself?

Can this cook pot pressure cooker inner pot be interchanged with the inner pot of the instant pot?

Does programmable slow cooker 8qt contain the same accessories as rice slow cooker 6qt? What is the difference besides the size?

Are there any other accessories that come with this canning pressure cookers?

How high is the multi cooker pressure cooker for the 8qt on without the cover?

Is the 6qt glass cover suitable for a 8qt pressure cooker slow cooker?

Can I set the pressure manually?

How much bigger is the 8qt rice cooker steamer than the 6qt one?

Is this top grill hotplate kitchen suitable for men?

When cleaning, should I pay attention to the position of the plug-in port?

My daughter is going to college and wants to use this griddle flat top grill in the school dormitory. Do you think it is appropriate?

Produced in China, will it take a long time to receive this electric griddle flat top?

Is this electric griddle black available for sale at Walmart?

Can this reversible grill griddle be used when camping?

How long does electric countertop griddle take to preheat ?

Does this big electric skillet have a thermal insulation effect?

Can this countertop electric skillet make Chinese dim sum?

Can this covered electric skillet be placed in a microwave oven?

Will this deep dish electric skillet be deformed after a long time?

Is this deep electric frying pan evenly heated?

What material is this deep electric skillet?

Is this deep electric skillet with lid has pink color?

Can this deep griddle electric be used in other countries?

Is the pressure cooker easy to use or is this electric camping skillet easy to use?

How much voltage does this electric cooking skillet apply to?

Will this electric covered skillet automatically power down when it reaches a certain temperature?

Will the oil spill when used?

Does this electric deep pan have a gift?

Is the plug of this electric fold away skillet universal?

Which product is better than the induction cooker?

Is the brand of this electric fry pan large famous? Is it a new brand?

Does this electric fry pans nonstick with cover have black color?

Is this electric frying pan large safe?

Must this electric frying pans nonstick with lids be used by an adult?

Can this electric frying pans nonstick with lids large be used to put chicken in the oven?

Can this electric griddle deep be used to scramble eggs in mushrooms?

Can this electric removable skillet be used for breakfast?

Is this a gas tank or rechargeable?

I want to hold a dinner for 7-8 people. Do you think this electric skillet big can be enough for so many people?

How many minutes does electric skillet deep dish take to make a steak?

How long does it take to fry chicken wings?

How many cakes can I make with this electric skillet extra large at one time?

What is the best way to clean this electric skillet immersible?

Does this electric skillet large have to be used by people who are very proficient in cooking?

Who is this electric skillet large deep suitable for?

How should I use steam rack of the electric stainless steel skillet?

Can this extra large electric skillet be used outdoors?

Does this family size electric skillet need gas?

Can I use this frying pan electric skillet to make bacon?

Is a cleaning tool included while i buy this heavy duty electric skillet ?

Can this immersible electric skillet thaw food?

Is this kitchen electric skillet easy rusting?

When I use this kitchen skillet electric, must I put oil?

Can my grandmother use this large deep electric skillet to make waffles?

How long does large electric fry pan take for the warm-up period of this product?

Does this large electric frying pan have a timer?

Does this large skillet electric have detailed instructions?

Is this non stick electric frying pans easy to carry?

When I use this non teflon electric skillet, will it be very smokey?

When I buy this skillet electric large, will it be equipped with a cook book?

Can this small non stick electric skillet use to make fries?

Can I use this electric skillets nonstick with lid 16 inch to make baby food?

Can I use this electric skillets nonstick with lid 12 inch to make a fried sandwich?

Is this electric skillets nonstick with lid 18 inch a non-stick pan?

Will electric skillet 8 inch be very leaky?

Can this electric skillet 12 inch be used for cooking?

Can this 36 inch griddle make spaghetti?

Can I use this electric skillet 16 inch to fry fish?

I love to makes desserts. Which frying pan of mini electric skillet do you think I should buy?

I bought this large electric skillet will it distribute the clip?

Can I use this steam rack to steam potatoes and mashed potatoes?

How many calves can this steam grill pan of electric pancake maker fry at one time?

I want to ask how many people is this cast iron griddle for gas grill suitable for ?

Can I use this grill& dessert pan of nonstick griddle pan for stove top to fry egg??

Can this grill& dessert of electric griddle small pan be used to cook a pan cake?

Is there any patent for this extra large griddle electric?

Question regarding the steam grill pan of the griddle for induction cooktop, what is the gap next to it for?

If I want to use this mini maker griddle to hot pot, how long does it take to boil the water?

Do I have to buy all the different frying pans?

Will it be difficult to clean this griddle outdoor?

Can the heating function of this mini griddle maker be heated while eating?

What is the suitable age group of this cast iron griddle pan ?

My mother is 50 years old. Do you think she will know how to use this outdoor griddle grill?

What do i need to pay attention when using this small electric griddle?

How long is the warranty period for this iron griddle?

If i received this induction griddle pan and it is broken, can I return it for free?

I want to know what features this camp stove griddle deep pot has?

If I want Takoyaki plate, do I need to purchase it separately?

Is this grill and griddle combo very heavy?

Is this griddle grill combo suitable for 3-4 people to cook?

My mother likes soup very much. Can you use this electric griddle nonstick large deep pot to make soup?

How long does it take for my Steam grill plate to warm up?

Do you need to warm up before using this tortilla griddles?

What can this couples plate be used for cooking?

Can this table top griddle be washed in a dishwasher?

Is this camping stove griddle difficult to install?

How can i clean this cast iron griddle for grill?

How many frying pans does this electric griddle extra large have?

Can this large electric griddle be used in the oven?

When I bought this little griddle, which frying pan will be included?

What can be cooked in the highest gear of this large griddle?

What is the difference between the 4 levels of the temperature on the camping griddle ?

What are the levels of the power smokeless grill with lid and griddle?

Does this stainless steel griddle only have 4 levels?

Where is this mini griddle produced?

What color is this cast iron griddle?

Is the handle lid of this electric griddle nonstick extra large heat-proof?

Can this outdoor griddle fry steak?

How many kinds of fruits can you mix at the same time with hand blender stainless steel?

Can vegetables and meat be mixed and stirred together by using this product?

Will this product be easily damaged?

Does this hand blender electric have automatic cleaning function?

I want to use hand blender for stri meat, do i need water to stir it?

Does this food processor hand blender has refrigeration function?

How long is the warranty for this emulsion handheld blender ?

Does this Product have only one size_

Has anyone ever used this emulsion blenders to make ice sand?

Is this emulsifier hand held only suitable for housewife?

Is it electric or battery operated?

Can it used in hot food?

Is emulsifier blender complicated to install?

Is the noise of this emmersion blenders bigger than that of a juicer?

How many colors does emersion hand blender have_

How long is the length of this product?

Does this mixing wand have to be hand washed?

Is there a switch that lets it stay on and can it run without you continuously pressing a button?

How long can i operate it continually while using this soup mixer?

Is it helpful for cake mixing?

IF i use soup blender handheld to blend cream, how long will be the process?

Is it possible to use soup blender more than 4 minutes?

Can this smart stick hand blender use it other countries?

Does the quality of the smart stick blender would be good enough that not affect the quality of the food_

If i buy this puree hand held blender, would it comes with an extra container?

How big is the box it comes in?

What is the right way to use mixers kitchen hand held stick?

Does mixer stick come with the cup, food processor and the attachments?

How many watts of this product?

Do you think kitchen hand blenders would be easy to use for men who can not cook?

Can this kitchen emulsifier make a milk shake?

How to clean the inversion blender?

Does this infusion blender have freezing function?

Are the gears of immulsion blender made of plastic?

What is the maximum food that the immulsifier blender can be blend?

While using this product what should i need to be careful?

Is this electric stick blender as good as a standard heavy duty blender for making smoothie?

Does this blenders immersion has safety lock?

Is the blender hand stick have enough power to ground meat?

Does blender for sauces use batteries?

Will it free to exchange a new one if the baby food hand blender was broken?

Does this best immersion blender mix baby food?

How long is the best hand held immersion blender cord?

Can the blade for the wand mixer purchased separately?

Is this cordless?

Has anyone use this 9 speed immersion blender to mash potatoes?

Can it blend frozen berries or ice?

If the blender of stick mixer hand blender was broken, where can i buy a new one?

How wide is blender head of stick mixer electric?

Does the stick mixer blade come off for easy washing?

What is the advantage of using this stick hand mixer electric?

Where is this stick blenders immersion made from?

Can i use this stick blenders to blend my protein shakes with bananas?

What are the functions of this stick blender immersion?

If i purchase this stick blender, will you distribute additional replacement blades?

What material is the blade of this immersion mixer?

How often does this immersion hand mixer blade need to be replace?

Where can i buy this immersion hand blender?

If immersion blenders is broken, where should it be repaired?

How to install this immersion blender soup?

My mun is 60 years old. Do you think the old people would know how to use this immersion blender hand held?

Is this immersion blender portable?

How much voltage does this handheld food blender use?

Do i have to press the button and use it at the same time ?

Does this handheld blender immersion button press well? How many button does it have?

How many colors does this hand-held blender have?

Can this hand stick mixer stirred evenly?

I have a juicer at home. Is it necessary to buy this hand stick blender?

How many gear does this hand smoothie blender have?

Can this hand puree blender blend with the butter?

The quality of hand mixer stick is it make up by glass?

Is it noisy while using this hand mixer smoothie?

Is this hand mixer Blender easy to use ?

It is for daily use?

How long is the warranty period for this hand immersion mixer ?

What would go with if i buy this hand held kitchen blender ?

Are there any gifts coming along with your hand held blenders stick ?

Can this hand held blenders mix egg?

What is the different between hand held blender immersion and the other blender?

My child is 12 years old, do you think he will know how to use hand food blender? It is safe to use it?

Does this hand emulsion blender have heating function?

Does the hand emulsifier need to be charged?

How often do i need to replace the blade of the hand blenders immersion?

What age is hand blender whisk suitable for?

Does the hand blender stainless steel have instructions?

What should be consider while using the hand blender immersion stick?

What is the weight of hand blender immersion?

How many colors are available for hand blender electric?

Does the hand blender have a certificate of inspection?

Does the food processor hand blender has warranty?

Where can i buy the emulsion handheld blender?

What is the capacity of the emulsion hand blender?

It is possible to use emulsion blenders to blend the hard food?

Can the emulsifier hand held squeeze juice?

Can the emulsifier hand blender be washed in the dishwasher?

How long is the life of the emulsifier blender hand held?

Can this emulsifier blender be returned if it breaks down?

Can i buy this emmersion blenders in Walmart?

Can this emersion hand blender use for blend the ice?

Is this emersion blender automatic or manual?