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6-in-1 Electric Skillet

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6 in 1 multifucntion cooker
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BSTY Kitchen Products - 6-in-1 Electric Skillet
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BSTY electric skillet
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6-in-1 electric skillet

BSTY 6-in-1 Electric Skillet Multifunction Cooker can cook healthy meals in less time than with ordinary methods. With our cooker, you can prepare foods fried, grilled, broiled, boiled, steamed, and simmered foods in less time. The best part, this electric skillet multifunction cooker is compact in size and can be easily stored with your other kitchen appliances so your kitchen stays clutter-free.

6-in-1 Cooker
Our electric skillet multifunction cooker comes with a steam grill pan, and you can optionally purchase five additional pans that give you total flexibility to cook just about anything your taste buds desire.

Steam Grill Pan (included)
The steam grill pan is one of the versatile pans. It’s great for grilling larger meats and seafood.

If you're tired of cooking meals in separate pots and pans, then you're going to love the BSTY electric skillet multifunction cooker because you can prepare an entire meal in the same pan.

Optional Cooking Pans (sold separately)

  • Flat Pan
    The flat pan makes preparing meals like fried fish, stir-fry, and hash browns a snap.
  • Deep Pot
    You can make amazing dishes with the deep pot like seafood boil, homemade soups, pot roast and more.
  • Couples Pan
    Surprise that special someone with a heart-shaped omelet, poached eggs or quiche.
  • Steam Rack
    Preparing super healthy meals like steamed fish, chicken, and vegetables is easy with the steam rack.
  • Grill & Dessert Pan
    The grill & dessert pan is ideal for grilling meats, seafood, vegetables, and even bacon and eggs!

Thoughtful Features

Powerful 1,000 Watt Heating Plate
The heating plate features 1,000 watts of power for fast, uniform heating that is energy efficient so the cooking possibilities are endless.

4-Temperature Levels
There are 4-temperature levels with fast warm-up so you can start cooking within minutes.

Less Oil & Less Smoke
Our non-stick pans make healthy meal prep easy with less oil and less smoke.

Non-Stick Pans
BSTY electric skillet non-stick pans are made of die-cast aluminum for more uniform heating and fast clean up with just soap and water.

Other Features

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy Clean-up
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Built-In Safety Features
  • 10-Year warranty

BSTY Electric Skillet Multifunction Cooker
“Spend less time cooking and more time with the ones you love”

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